Al-Tameer Real Estate Projects Company was established in 2009 to be a symbol of real estate investment in the State of Qatar, and it is a 100% Qatari company in the field of real estate investment.

The company is characterized by the great confidence that it has gained with customers. These services are managed by a distinguished team with great experience and pioneers in the field of real estate development. We also pay special attention to achieving the highest returns and the largest gains for our customers. We are also keen to form partnerships and excellent communication based on mutual trust with the largest companies In the field of real estate investment around the world

Our aim is to produce the highest quality construction in the market at a competitive price, and because quality is what brings repeat business, our promise is to have a certain quality, then we will mainly provide that quality.

Adding our strength and support to a major construction services provider, we can now take on the most demanding projects.

We have developed a wide client base, in both the public and private sectors.

To achieve great success in the competitive Qatari market and to maintain the competitive advantage, we have implemented a new IT platform that acts as a tool for ERP, ERP and project collaboration.

Our reputation is due to the dedication and vision of the senior management and is guaranteed by a team of highly qualified engineers, architects and other specialists spread across the company departments.

Our core values are clearly reflected in our HR policies. Tameer’s senior management gives priority to the interests of its customers and employees because the former is Tameer’s future wealth and the latter is our intellectual assets. The application of these values has earned us the trust of our valued customers.

Our Mission

Offering the best real estate services with the latest international standards at competitive process.

Our Vision

To be the best choice in the fields of real estate development and the real estate investment.

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